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19 June 2017: ‘Media GPS - 2017: a ground-breaking new study delivers profound insights into the consumption patterns, opinions and media habits of nearly 10 million of the world’s most frequent and affluent travellers.’

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About Media GPS

The study includes responses from 16,286 travellers, who have flown with over 200 airlines across the globe. Data collected at their point of purchase through traditional travel agencies, online travel agents (OTAs) and corporate travel management companies (TMCs). The survey captures the views of both leisure and business travellers as they make their booking – a method that ensures views, habits and travel motivations are recalled while they are top-of-mind. Focus on scheduled airline travellers, with many High Net Worth, Mass Affluent and business travellers. Customised reports can be produced for brand owners, media owners and media intermediaries including analysis by region, route, airline and travel class.

Measuring the consumption of 120+ media brands spanning all platforms (traditional and digital) and genres including news, sport and entertainment, it delivers unique insight to media agencies, advertisers, national tourism organisations (NTOs), airlines and hotels with the ability to segment both the business and leisure travel market.

About BDRC Group

Launched in London in 1991, BDRC Group is a renowned international consumer insight consultancy, conducting research in over 60 countries, with annual revenues of more than US$40m.  The group’s award-winning businesses cover the full range of research services, from data collection through to consultancy.  Common to all is the mission to deliver clear insights that place the customer at the heart of our clients’ strategic decisions.  Clients are typically in B2C service sectors – media, finance, hospitality, travel, tourism and leisure.  Media GPS is coordinated across the group’s offices in London, Singapore and Washington, D.C.


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Subscribers: BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg and CNN

Affiliates: Telmar


Media Owners, Media Agencies, Advertisers, Tourism industry.


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Key people

James Myring

Director of Media and Branding, BDRC Continental (Lead Director of Media GPS)

James has almost 20 years of research experience. His focus is on international media and branding research, along with the use of innovative techniques to gauge the implicit impact of advertising and branding.

His recent achievements include developing the Playsment® methodology with Channel 4 which quantifies the implicit awareness of Product Placement and won the MRS Advertising and Media Research Award. James has also scooped the Mediatel 2015 Best Media Tracking Project and overall Grand Prix award for work on determining the extent to which the success of advertising on Sky AdSmart was driven by targeting vs extra frequency.

Anthony Dobson

Media Director, BDRC Continental

Matthew Petrie

President, BDRC Americas


James Myring

Director of Media and Branding, BDRC Continental (Lead Director of Media GPS)

“Looking at the study as a whole, the most startling finding is not how different travellers are from each other, regardless of country of origin, but how similar they are.  Respondents within the Media GPS sample have much in common: attitudes, wealth, demographics, luxury brands purchased and international media consumed.  The data provides concrete evidence that these 'global citizens' (who are concentrated in the major international cities) often have more in common with each other than with the broader population in their own countries.”

Anthony Dobson

Media Director, BDRC Continental

“Perceptions matter and in this study there is some (much needed) good news for the UK and London. Amongst this influential audience of frequent air travellers the UK is the only European country in the top 10 of trending investment destinations. It also features in the top 10 of global tourist destinations. London is absolutely integral to the international profile of the U.K and it is seen is a must-see city for international travellers around the world - ahead of Paris, and behind only New York amongst First/ Business Class air travellers."