Media GPS

BDRC Continental

Media Global Passenger Study

A global study that examines the media habits of 16,000 international air travellers, with a large proportion of business travellers and expats.

Mass Affluent and High Net Worth

What they watch, where they stay and what they want to buy.

Invaluable for media owners, advertisers and media agencies

What makes this study different?

Profile, buying habits and media consumption of 10m people who fly every week

Exceptional sample quality – international air travellers, recruited during customer’s journey

In The Moment – understand trip intentions and media habits while fresh

Understand Mass Affluent, HNW and Expats

Cross-platform Reach and Frequency modelling

Map illustrating reach of Media GPS

The reach of Media GPS

How Media GPS works

Media GPS is a large and unique dataset, profiling the media consumption of 16,000 global air travellers. The data reveals which of 45 media brands and 120+ sub-brands these influential people engage with, across locations, channels and devices.

Image illustrating how Media GPS works

Media Reach

Logos of brands tested

30 day reach, by media (any device)

The only study that can measure media brand consumption by route, class of travel and airline.

Graph illustrating 30 day reach, by media (any device)

Consumers are more open to new ideas, products and brands when travelling

Various related brands

Innovative consumption based engagement measures:

  • Cross Platform Media brand reach
  • Media Engagement Metrics based on actual & modelled behaviour
  • Frequency (by platform) for all brands consumed in last 7 days
  • Time spent (by platform) for all brands consumed
  • Content type (e.g. TV programmes, written content etc. for all brands consumed)
  • Understanding relationship travelers have with international brands

Travel Related Characteristics

  • Recent trip booked – including cabin class, purpose of trip, nights away
  • Trip motivations travel habits over last 12 months
  • Leisure & business nights away
  • Hotel brands used in last 12 months for business/ leisure
  • Airlines used
  • Luxury goods
  • Perceptions of destinations (cities/ countries)
  • Reflective moments when travelling
  • Sources of travel information

Profile characteristics

  • Household income
  • Liquid assets
  • Personal investments
  • Job title / management responsibility
  • Corporate decision influence & budgets
  • Age / gender / education
  • Resident or ex-pat


  • Focus on scheduled airline travellers, with many High Net Worths, Mass Affluents and business travellers
  • 16,000 passengers who have flown with over 200 airlines across the globe
  • Sample with guaranteed provenance from our travel technology partner
  • Bold and ambitious, working with leading media and industry experts
  • Fresh approach, unhindered by legacy formats from 20th century surveys
  • Customised reports for brand owners, media owners and media intermediaries
  • Analysis by region, route, airline and travel class
  • Data and analytics via third party tools

The Team


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